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KESMAR Releases New Single ‘Is It Me Or Is It Love’ and Shares Details of His Debut Album

Singer, songwriter, producer and retro gear nerd KESMAR has released his first single for 2023, the typically vintage-sounding ‘Is It Me Or Is It Love’. The new single is accompanied by details of KESMAR’s forthcoming debut album, Always Chasing Rainbows, which is due on Friday, 31st March.

The single comes with a video from director Tas Wilson (a member of Ruby Fields and Adam Newling’s touring bands). The clip features a dapper KESMAR performing in a community hall backed by bass player Kelton Hirst, drummer Patrick Rogers and Pacific Avenue’s Harry O’Brien on piano.

KESMAR – Is It Me Or Is It Love

‘Is It Me Or Is It Love’ and the rest of Always Chasing Rainbows was recorded to tape in KESMAR’s home studio, Dino Studios. “It reminds me of a simpler time, just writing songs and making a damn record,” KESMAR’s Nathan Hawes said in a statement.

“I had quite a loose deadline so there never felt like there was any rush to just smash out a bunch of songs for an album. I really got to take my time and to be completely honest, 50 per cent of it was figuring out how to plug gadgets in.”

Along with ‘Is It Me Or Is It Love’, Always Chasing Rainbows will include the previous singles ‘Change My Name’, ‘Day By Day’ and ‘Out Of Luck’, all of which came out in 2022.

KESMAR released his debut EP, Up To You, in 2019, a record made in coordination with co-writer and producer Tobias Priddle. “He’s the one who taught me how to put the pieces of the puzzle together,” Hawes said.

Priddle was again in the producer’s seat for KESMAR’s 2021 EP, Forever Holiday, which included the mini-hit ‘Johatsu’ featuring guest vocals from French pop singer Flore Benguigui.

Hawes felt confident enough to go it alone for his debut album, sticking to an analogue recording approach that required patience, but reaped rewards. “It’s a constant cycle — an incredibly simple way of recording that took me many months to learn — but I love the performance element of recording to tape,” Hawes said.

“As I’m recording and playing all of the instruments myself, the tape machine is like a second person making me commit to my own ideas.”

KESMAR’s Always Chasing Rainbows will be out on Friday, 31st March via Nettwerk.

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