Image: Jo Duck / Michelle Grace Hunder

Listen To Georgia Maq And Alice Ivy’s Bright New Single, ‘Someone Stranger’

Georgia Maq has teamed up with Alice Ivy for a track that’s sure to warm up the coldest of winter mornings, ‘Someone Stranger’.

The two Melbourne musicians got together last year to collaborate, and the final result sounds pretty natural and true to form for both as artists. ‘Someone Stranger’, says Georgia, was written ‘in about three hours’ and for her, represents ‘purging romance through movement’.

Listen to ‘Someone Stranger’ below.

Hearing the Camp Cope vocalist in a more crystallised, vibrant pop space won’t be unfamiliar to those who got around her debut solo album Pleaser in 2019. It proved to be a great turn for Georgia, who got to flex her writing muscle with pop and electronic arrangements, letting her vocals fly.

And for Alice Ivy, who had one of 2020’s best releases in Don’t Sleep, a song like ‘Someone Stranger’ feels familiar yet fresh at the same time.

“I feel like Georgia and I have always been destined to write together,” the producer and songwriter has said.

“I was super excited when we finally got the chance last year. I played her a little demo I had kicking around and she immediately started writing lyrics for it. I loved how fast-paced the whole experience was!”

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