Missy Higgins Returns With New Single ‘When The Machine Starts’

Australian music icon and national sweetheart Missy Higgins has made her return today with the release of her new single, ‘When The Machine Starts’.

Higgins delivered a long statement about what the song means to her, and how it relates to the ~unprecedented~ times we’re living in.

Isn’t it strange when you suddenly become aware that you’re in the middle of a defining moment in history? Someday soon we’ll probably refer to everything as either “pre-covid” or “post-covid”… Weird, right?” she wrote.

“Even now I feel like we’re still standing in the middle of a murky bubble, struggling to see what lies beyond.  Hopefully it involves lots of touching and hugging and live music.

“Many of my friends and family have really struggled during this pandemic; some lost their livelihoods overnight, others have had to spend weeks cooped up alone in very dark headspaces. My industry has been one of the hardest hit and it’s been heart-breaking and brutal for so many.”

She went on to say, while lockdown has been difficult, she’s been grateful for some moments, particularly those spent with her children.

I’ve spent many moments feeling very grateful  and it was during one of those particularly happy moments that I sat down and wrote a new song called ‘When The Machine Starts’,” she continued.

She later described the song as “a post-it note to my future self: ‘don’t forget the good things you’ve learnt!'”

Watch the video for ‘When The Machine Starts’ below.

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