Music Feeds New Aus Music Playlist
Jade Imagine | Credit: Hugo Kohler

NEW AUS MUSIC PLAYLIST: Our Favourite Tunes Of The Week

Music Feeds’ New Aus Music Playlist is updated once a week with our favourite Australian releases from the preceding seven days. This week’s playlist features a disco-influenced indie pop number from Jade Imagine, brawny synthesisers from PROJECT BEXX, shouty new wave punk from Delivery, and loads more.

The New Aus Music Playlist is an excellent way to brush up on local music, discover new artists and support the Australian music industry. So, grab your headphones or aux cable and fire up this week’s must-hear new releases. (Head here to see previous instalments of the playlist.)

Listen to this month’s playlist

New Aus Music Playlist ADDITIONS – 16/09/2022

Jade Imagine – Instinct That I Wanna Know

PROJECT BEXX – Don’t Touch Me

Delivery – Baader Meinhof

Pei – Count to 10

Matilda Pearl – NICE TO KNOW YA

ESHAAN – Simulation

Surprise Chef – Iconoclasts

Chymes – See You In Hell

Talk Heavy – Mixing Pictures

Fonteray – Sunshine

cln – Endlessly

Hannah Blackburn – Elvis Presley

Grace Sanders – Attachment Theory

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