Odd Future Unveil ‘The Ghost Of The Hotel’ Horror Film

Members of the Odd Future crew have released their latest collaborative effort, a short horror film titled The Ghost Of The Hotel, starring OF chief Tyler, The Creator, as well as alumni Earl Sweatshirt, Jasper Dolphin, Lionel Boyce, Taco Bennett and more.

According to the film’s description on YouTube — written in characteristic Tyler style, with every first letter capitalised — the project came about after “Tyler, Jasper, Lionel, Taco And Earl Thought Of This At 4 In The Morning Knowing It Would Be One Of The Greatest Movies Of All Time.”

The plot of the film is hard to gleam from the rather poorly edited, though at times artfully shot, footage, but it concerns the death of a little girl (played by Taco) who dies in the stairwell of a hotel, leaving it up to detectives Ray and Tony to find the murderer “before it’s too late.”

Readers can watch the full short below, as well as check out the trailer for the upcoming Tyler, The Creator-directed film, WOLF.

Watch: The Ghost Of The Hotel (The Movie)

Watch: WOLF Official Movie Trailer

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