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PREMIERE: Maxine Gillon Juxtaposes Coffee and Sex in Satirical Video for ‘Girl 6’

Naarm/Melbourne-based synth-pop musician Maxine Gillon released the new single, ‘Girl 6’, on Friday, 15th September. The track toggles between abrasive new wave sounds and accessible synth-pop melodies, with a dose of abstract lyricism that’ll occasionally have you laughing out loud.

Gillon worked with director Andrea Blake on the music video for ‘Girl 6’, which Music Feeds is premiering below. The clip satirises US talk show Charlie Rose, hosted by the titular disgraced TV journalist. Gillon plays a fictionalised version of herself, appearing on the show Charlie Bros to discuss her latest novel, also titled Girl 6.

Maxine Gillon – ‘Girl 6’

“We have with us today one of Australia’s best known writers, cultural commentators and critics,” says actor Jonathan Scutt in the role of Charlie Bros. Bros explains that Gillon’s new novel, Girl 6, is the follow-up to her debut, Genuflect – the name of a single from Gillon’s 2022 EP, Ultra Lounge.

“Her first novel, Genuflect, received rave reviews in the New York Times and The Guardian amongst others, and was also awarded the Lambda Literary Award for best lesbian fiction in 2022,” says Bros. “She has written a new novel, Girl 6, a story about the disconnection of contemporary relationships via the mediation of modern technology.”

Gillon wrote the song ‘Girl 6’ based on her experiences working in a debt-collecting call centre. “I was simultaneously obsessively trying to court a girl via text who was unavailable and aloof, while tenderly chatting to strangers on the phone. This juxtaposition is where this song resides,” Gillon said in a statement.

‘Girl 6’ will appear on Maxine Gillon’s anticipated debut album, Desolation Pop; the release date is yet to be confirmed. Find the ‘Girl 6’ lyrics here.

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