Queen’s Brian May Leads Protesters On Pro-Badger, Anti-Culling March

Queen guitarist Brian May led hundred of protesters through the streets of London on the weekend, protesting the British government’s plans to cull thousands of badgers in an attempt to stop tuberculosis in cattle.

Up to 5,000 of those fluffy little worm-eating critters are set to be destroyed in Gloucestershire and Somerset in southwest England in hopes of combating bovine TB, which spreads from badgers to cattle and leads to thousands of infected cows being put down each year. If the scheme is successful, it will be rolled out to other parts of Britain affected by the disease.

But animal rights groups say that exterminating the badgers is inhumane and won’t solve the problem. May, who delivered a petition against the cull with 235,000 signatures to Prime Minister David Cameron‘s office, said, “It is a very good time for Cameron to reconsider and withdraw from this monstrous cull, in the public interest.”

The We Will Rock You composer has often said he’d rather be remembered for his activism than his music. The 65-year-old is a supporter of the RSPCA, PETA UK and even has his own animal rights group, Save Me, named after the Queen song. He’s also quite fond of protesting against The Voice, recently calling it “the dullest, dumbest, most depressing programme on TV” on his blog.

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