‘The Project’ Tried To Explain ‘Nollsie Trolling’, And It Was Weird

Trolls have been flocking to Shannon Noll‘s Facebook page for the better part of two years, but The Project has finally discovered it, and they are determined to figure out what’s going on.

If you’re like The Project and need a quick catch-up, basically trolls have been leaving the most Aussie comments ever on the 2003 Australian Idol runner-up’s Facebook, insinuating that he’s borrowed things from them and their wives want them back. Every comment is in the same format, but the theme changes depending on the picture and the level of sexual innuendo possible.

The trolling peaked when Noll was forced to make a public statement about his recent arrest at an Adelaide strip-club, with trolls going to town on his Facebook.

Last night, The Project had 2003 Australian Idol 2003 winner Guy Sebastian on the panel — the guy who robbed Nollsie of the Idol title, so they took the opportunity to look into things.

“It’s really weird,” host Carrie Bickmore preluded, before talking everyone through the structure of the comments.

“For some bizarre reason they’ll ask him to return stuff that he hasn’t even lent them,” co-host Waleed Aly added in the middle of the explanation.

Thankfully, Sebastian was there to defend the trolls, saying that they’re actually not trolls at all.

“I think you guys are reading into this way too much,” he said.

“I’ve known Shannon now for well over a decade and it’s not trolling. He legitimately borrows a little of stuff. And also, Shan, while we’re at it, my missus is on my back about the Thermomix.”

Nollsie then shot back at Guy on Twitter, apologising for keeping his Thermomix for so long.

“I totally forgot about that mate, I’ll have back to you sooner than you can drink a schooner,” he wrote.

If that’s the case, Guy should have his Thermomix back already.

Watch The Project try to explain Nollsie trolling, below.

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