The Wiggles Announce New Lineup Including First Female Wiggle

The world’s most popular children’s entertainment group The Wiggles have just announced the first female performer to don one of the coloured skivvies in a major lineup change.

The Australian reported today that original Wiggles Greg Page, Jeff Fatt and Murray Cook have announced their upcoming retirement, which will take effect at the end of 2012, making way for a new breed of Wiggles.

When speaking about their plans to retire, Murray Cook said it was time for a change within the group.

“We’ve been entertaining children around the world for 21 years and it’s important that we plan for the future so that The Wiggles can keep wiggling in the years to come”, said Cook.

“The touring and performing over the past 21 years has meant that we’ve spent a long time away from our own families and friends. We miss them and want to spend more time at home, which is a major reason why the three of us decided it was time to hand on our skivvies to a new generation”, he said.

Blue Wiggle Anthony Field will continue on and will be the only founding member after 2012.

The new lineup will include 20-year-old Emma Watkins, who is currently a backup dancer for the group. She will take up the yellow turtle-neck and will be the first female Wiggle. The other two new Wiggles will be Lachlan Gillespie and Simon Pryce, who were selected by their predecessors to become the purple and red Wiggles.

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