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Looks Like The Wiggles’ Original Lineup Is Planning An Adults-Only Pub Tour

UPDATE 09/07/16: The Wiggles’ original lineup have announced an 18+ pub show in Melbourne for this September.

ORIGINAL STORY: After spreading joy to a bunch of grown-ups at their first adults-only pub show earlier this year, The Wiggles‘ original lineup appears to be planning an 18+ Aussie tour.

Blue Wiggle Anthony Field tells Music Feeds the original Wiggles crew currently has two new charity shows in the works, while posts on social media prove the group are working out the details for new shows in Sydney and Melbourne.

Posting to Facebook today, The Wiggles asked Melburnians if they’d been keen for an 18+ pub show from the group’s original lineup.

“MELBOURNE. A show of hands… Who would be keen for an original Wiggles reunion show with all proceeds going to Soldier On – Helping our Wounded Warriors!?,” the group posted.

“We are open to venue suggestions as well! Lets do this!! 🙂 #Nostaliga #ReliveYourChildhood #AllForCharity”

As Wiggles fans screamed “HELL YES” in reply, The Wiggles took to the comments section to let punters in on their plans, explaining that they’ll be making their “Big Show Tour” announcement “very soon”.

The group revealed they are planning to head to Melbourne first (and “very soon”), for a show which they hope to capture on film so that all fans can enjoy the Wiggly vibes. The group say they’re also trying to book a new show in Sydney.

The Wiggles’ original lineup performed its first adults-only pub show at Sydney’s Dee Why RSL in February, helping hundreds of grown-ups to get Wiggly with pub-friendly interpretations of classic songs like Hot Potato, Wake Up Jeff and Rock-A-Bye Your Bear.

Speaking exclusively with Music Feeds following the concert, Field revealed he is keen to play more adults-only shows.

“The vibe was so great, the original Wiggles fan were so passionate, you can’t help wanting to do it again,” he said. “I just want to do it again, and do the same thing, make it a charity thing… It would be great fun.”

Catch The Wiggles’ social media posts about upcoming 18+ shows below, and stand by for some Wiggly good news.

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