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Wage War Release New Single And Music Video For ‘Magnetic’

American metal-core band Wage War is back with their latest single ‘Magnetic’, released on March 21 via SiriusXM’s Octane. The band combines catchy melodies with powerful instrumentation, showcasing their traditional narrative songwriting and intense energy blend.

Wage War explained the meaning of the single. “Magnetic is a song about an attraction to someone that you just can’t seem to quit, Despite knowing what may be best, we’re pulled back to a feeling that inevitably takes control. Fate decides our future.”

Wage War – ‘Magnetic’

‘Magnetic’ intertwines melodic verses and choruses with stormy roars and thick riffs, creating an irresistible force that draws listeners in. Exploring the theme of irresistible attraction, the band delves into the emotions that pull us back to certain individuals, even against better judgment, letting fate dictate our path.

Featuring Christian Neonakis on vocals, guitar, and bass; Piano Whitman on vocals, piano, and synthesizers; Dylan Savopoulos on guitar and backing vocals; Richard Smith on bass and guitar; and Sam Athanas on drums, Wage War, fronted by “Magnetic,” continues to solidify its position as a formidable force in the rock scene.

You can stream the new single ‘Magnetic’ here

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