Watch: Marilyn Manson Falls Over On Stage At Soundwave Brisbane

Reviews emerging from yesterday’s Soundwave in Brisbane seemed to be mostly positive. However, festival goers seemed to unite on one aspect of the festival, the poor quality of headliner Marilyn Manson. It never got any better for Manson, who fell over on-stage and may have possibly broken a rib. Footage of the fall (available below) shows him hitting an amplifier on-stage. Attendees of the festival also started jeering and booing Manson during his performance, commenting on his mental state, with one fan stating online that “He was HORRID!!! Worst act I’ve ever seen. The best part was everyone booing him off.”

Other punters gave similar reviews, with more taking to the internet to say “He was too high to look after himself though – he had assistants by his side for majority of the show. He came out with an oxygen tank at one point….”. Manson’s reputation seems to be going downhill, with his Sydney sideshow yet to sell out.

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