The Abercrombie Hotel

  • DJ Koze To Headline Abercrombie ‘Last Night Ever’

    DJ Koze To Headline Abercrombie ‘Last Night Ever’

    Sydney’s Abercrombie Hotel, known for hosting Purple Sneakers‘ club nights and serving as the longtime home of Sunday party S.A.S.H, and which last month announced that it would be shutting its doors for good, have announced a ‘Last Night Ever’ to be headlined by Germany’s DJ Koze. German techno master Koze has been in town

  • Sydney’s The Abercrombie Hotel To Close In 2014

    Sydney’s The Abercrombie Hotel To Close In 2014

    Beloved Sydney watering hole The Abercrombie Hotel, located on Abercrombie Street in Chippendale, which in the past has served as home to Purple Sneakers‘ famous club nights and more recently as the longtime host of Sunday party S.A.S.H, will close in January 2014. As inthemix reports, the closing of the esteemed venue comes as a

  • Abercrombie Hotel Set On Fire

    Abercrombie Hotel Set On Fire

    Firefighters were called to Sydney’s Abercrombie Hotel last night after the pub was set ablaze in what police are describing as a “suspicious fire,”

  • Q&A with Johnny Darko

    Q&A with Johnny Darko

    Jessie Smith talks to Johnny Darko about Britpop! Who the fuck are YOU? I am an indie DJ.  I make noise with others people’s work.  I also run an indie night called Britpop!.  (I was gonna write a short bio here, but it would just make me sound like a total dick.  So…yeah, “indie DJ”

  • Boundary Sounds #2

    Boundary Sounds #2

    First up this week, we are very pleased to announce our new weekly Saturday night music mash-up, FLOORSPACE. Taking place across 2 levels in the newly refurbished Kings Cross Hotel’s enclosed nightclub, Cooperlilly, the night promises to be two levels of mayhem, with gritty guitars downstairs and booty-shaking party jams upstairs. Resident DJs Johnny Rad,

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