Music Feeds Podcast Episode #58 – Mikhael Paskalev

Things got a little crazy for Mikhael Paskalev this year. After the 26-year-old singer-songwriter dropped his catchy single I Spy, along with its Risky Business inspired music video, the track proceeded to blow up all around the globe, turning the young Norwegian into an instant star.

Mikhael awoke at the crack of the Liverpool dawn to have a chat with our Mike Hohnen, amid his current tour, to tell us about his songwriting process. “If I write something and my foot doesn’t start tapping while listening to it or while playing it…then there’s something wrong with it,” he says.

And he’s getting amped about his maiden Down Under tour, saying, “I’ve never been there and I’ve always wanted to go… It’s pretty weird to be this far from Australia and know that your song is being played on the radio and people seem to be liking it… I feel pretty fucking cool.”

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Listen: Music Feeds Podcast Episode #58 – Mikhael Paskalev

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