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Bring Me The Horizon Are Hoping To Tour Australia Again “This Time Next Year”, Says Oli Sykes

A massive question mark hangs over the future of live music in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, both here in Australia and across the world. While social distancing continues to remain a normal part of everyday life, it’s difficult to imagine just when we’ll all be able to get sweaty in a moshpit together again. And just like the fans, artists are also monitoring the situation closely, to figure out just when the hell they’ll be able to make plans to tour again.

Bring Me The Horizon are no exception. After unleashing their monster new Mick Gordon-produced pandemic anthem ‘Parasite Eve’ two days ago, as well as revealing an ambitious plan to drop four “completely different” albums on our asses in the space of a year, they’ll certainly be wanting to do some serious touring to promote it all.

But as for when they’re hoping to return to Australia?

“I think that question’s really more up to you guys, when Australia lets us come back in,” frontman Oli Sykes told me when I caught up with him on the blower late last week. “From what I’ve heard it feels like it’s not gonna be for a while, right? Like maybe this time next year?”

He continued: “Everything’s unfolding day by day, and I guess everything that we know is just based on the information that we have today and, who knows, I guess we’ve just gotta cross our fingers that a miracle comes through or it gets better quicker and we get more confidence to start travelling again and stuff like that. But it’s just one of them things, we just gotta wait, and just be thankful that we’re still getting to create music and share it with everyone.

He added: “It feels like things are getting back to normal in some sense, but at the same time it feels like things will never be normal again.”

The good news is, our PM is currently forming a plan for easing restrictions on indoor gatherings over time and, thus, mapping the road back to live music. So fingers crossed we’ll be able to catch BMTH touring live down under again by this time next year, as hoped.

For now, you can listen to my chat with Oli and take ‘Parasite Eve’ for a spin below, and stay tuned for the frontman’s full exclusive interview with Music Feeds, coming soon.

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