Elizabeth | Image: Nick Mckk

Elizabeth Releases Alice Ivy Collaboration, ‘Sweet Connection’

Elizabeth has unveiled her latest single, ‘Sweet Connection’. It’s the second instalment of her three-part Suite Of Singles series, released through Our Golden Friend and AntiFragile Music. Elizabeth has described the single as her “sexiest song so far”.

‘Sweet Connection’ picks up where the artist’s previous track ‘Happier Now’ left off – embracing short, intense relationships as a window to the next chapter after prolonged heartbreak. As Elizabeth explained, it’s an overtly sexual song, and one that continues her tradition of alluding to sex and sexuality throughout her art.

Elizabeth – ‘Sweet Connection’

“‘Sweet Connection’ is about the thrill of being with new people, finding out what lays beyond what you already know,” Elizabeth said in a statement. “This song is fun, it’s staying up all night with someone beautiful, it’s the electricity of not knowing what’s coming next.”

Elizabeth created ‘Sweet Connection’ with Alice Ivy, who co-wrote and produced the song after having previously remixed Elizabeth’s 2019 single, ‘parties’. “Working with Elizabeth was a dream,” Ivy said. “‘Sweet Connection’ is the perfect wholesome little pop banga!”

Ivy continued, “I had so much fun experimenting with different sounds on this one. Liz has the most angelic voice, and she’s such an incredible songwriter. It was an honour to share the studio space with her.”

‘Sweet Connection’ arrives alongside some immersive visuals created by acclaimed director and close friend of Elizabeth, Nick Mckk. “Liz and I loved the idea of creating a ‘Sweet Connection’ many times over,” Mckk said of the video.

“By creating a makeshift audition room, we could really hone in on the performative subtleties of characters given the same lines and cues.”

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