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New Sydney Club Night Ground Level to Launch at The Lansdowne This Month

Secret Sounds – the promoters behind Splendour in the Grass, Falls and truckloads of international tours – are launching a monthly club night at Sydney venue The Lansdowne. Ground Level will kick off on Thursday, 18th May with a lineup of live music spanning hip hop, reggaeton, hyperpop and queer alt-rap.

Secret Sounds devised Ground Level as a way of spotlighting the diverse creativity of Australia’s underground music scene. The monthly club night is also set to feature the odd surprise international guest. Find more details about the launch event below.

Ground Level #1: Isaac Puerile, Cherry Chola, Craterface, LILPIXIE

The first edition of Ground Level will take place downstairs at the Lansdowne on Thursday, 18th May. Leading the lineup are Western Sydney hip hop artist Isaac Puerile and Venezuela-via-Melbourne reggaeton and neoperreo artist Cherry Chola. They’ll be joined by Craterface, the hyperpop project of Newcastle musicians Baby Bruh and Taki Local, and 19-year-old alt-rap artist LILPIXIE.

Looking ahead, Ground Level will focus on artists from a range of backgrounds and musical disciplines. The promoters are looking to program solo artists, producers and bands, and will branch out beyond hip hop and hyperpop to embrace musicians working in post-punk and alternative pop. Entry is free, and you can sign up for the 18th May event here.

Earlier this year, the Lansdowne welcomed back its weekly Graveyard Shift gig series, programming live music downstairs at the venue every Friday night from 10:30pm onwards. The upcoming Graveyard Shift roster features Dead Witch and Eagle Ray (12th May), Den and Dionysius (19th May) and Negative Gears and Gyrate (26th May). Find out more on the venue’s website.

Ground Level at the Lansdowne

Thursday, 18th May – The Lansdowne, Sydney NSW

  • Isaac Puerile
  • Cherry Chola
  • Craterface

Free entry. Register here

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